Termite control

Termites: need a Pest Control service…..don’t delay, get expert assistance from one of our experienced technicians.
Alarm Bells: NEVER disturb any activity found. Keep area intact and do not use an insecticide. Our technician needs the termites to assist in the treatment. By spraying the area you may hinder the success of the treatment. Remember – Never spray and Never disturb. Signs: Mud Leads – You may have found mud leads, AGAIN do not disturb ad break these leads you will be doing more harm than good. Alates – Swarm in spring & summer normally at night on a humid night around dusk. These can be identified by the fact that there wings fall off and there a hundreds of them. They will be attracted to light so it is suggested that you open a window or door and leave on an outside light or torch to attract the swarm to the exterior of the house. Always keep a sample to show it to the pest technician, NEVER disturb the area. Damaged Timber – Skirting boards, architraves & timbers such as floor boards & windows sills that collapse without reason can also be a sign of termite activity. Blistering of paint & damp areas on walls can also be a sign of detection of termite activity.
Do not disturb or ‘Self treat’ call the experts! Inspection Dusting – A full inspection of the house including subfloor, interior of the home using a termatrac, roof void, out buildings, fences and retaining walls. During the inspection the house will be assessed for venation and drainage. These can both be conductive to termite attack. Every infestation must be evaluated carefully.
Subfloor areas should be kept clean and free of debris such as wood and cardboards. Do not built up gardens beds around the house especially on a slab construction. Avoid ground contact timber.

CONTACT OUR OFFICE so that we can make arrangement to assess your termite problem and offer you a termite management proposal plan and a free quotation.